BLUGRL (blue girl) - A new mascot

16th of march 2023

If she reminds you of Hatsune Miku or Vocaloids in general, then I have achieved my goal. This OC is a way for me to express my love for Vocaloids and UTAUs, it is a tribute of sorts. Her clothing style is inspired by Miku and all the other Vocaloids/UTAUs who got inspired by her design to make their own. A good example of this are fanloids such as Neru and Haku Yowane who have their clothing models extremely similar to Miku's. Even though the majority of the other voicebanks have their own unique attires, Hatsune Miku's popularity made her the "face" of the Vocaloid brand, which makes you associate those elements (the tie, the skirt and the accessories) to Vocaloid, and is exactly why I made Blue Girl wear these clothes.

What does the 43 mean?

Some of these characters have numbers on their shoulder (for example Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, and Kasane Teto), and they all mean different things. For example, Miku's 01 means she is "the first sound from the future". Teto's number, 0401, is simply her birthday. So I thought of giving BLUGRL an unique number too... The first drawings I made of her were on february 12th, the 43rd day of the year. Not only it is her birthday, but also when you get the numbers from my username (M4YH3M) you get the number 43.

She is not a Vocaloid, and not an UTAU either. I don't really have an interest in making a voicebank for her (for now at least) because she's just another mascot I created for Blue Planet. She is a Blue Planet citizen (that means she's an alien alien), and she's all blue. I haven't really thought anything else for her character, since she's just a mascot like the Blue Planet is...However, I plan on making an MMD model of BluGrl and perhaps I'll make some videos of her dancing. I hope everyone likes her as much as I do!


Original drawing I made as a concept for a customization I wanted to make on a notebook
This is the notebook cover. My friend was very generous and offered to make a digital version of my drawing (thank you so so much), and I printed it and glued it to the background painting.